ruinsHi, I’m Val! I’m a technical artist specializing in character setup for video games. I was a rigger at Telltale Games up until the studio’s closure and am currently at ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 2. On the side, I have also shipped several indie games including the time-looping Shakespearean tragedy Elsinore and Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher—a visual novel about morality and debate.

I’ve always believed in the storytelling potential of games and have been working on them in some capacity since I started college in 2007—club projects, class assignments, game jams. Having dabbled in programming, art and writing, I never could properly decide between the technical and creative hats, so I ended up in a role that bridges both.

I have many passions: storytelling, illustration, arts and crafts, ice skating, traveling the world, cuddling with cats, and drinking tea. I’ve redefined myself many times and am at a place in life where I value, above all else, conscious awareness and the seemingly lost art of listening with empathy. If you’re working on a project that envisions the world as a kinder place, let’s chat.