Personal Projects

Ballerina Model and Rig

projects02A model I made in Maya and ZBrush in 2015. My focus with the rig was on anatomically correct automation and deformation. Notable features included a spline-based stretchy spine, automated hips and shoulders, no-flip knees, extra arm controls to avoid gimbal lock, and independent space switching on all IK controls.

The face used a joint-based rig that supported expressions, visemes and manual tweaking. The joint poses were driven by curves with blend shapes.

Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher

projects03An Flash-based adventure game that re-appropriates mechanics from the Ace Attorney series into the context of philosophical debates. It is a quirky story that teaches players critical thinking skills while introducing them to key ideas in moral philosophy. I did almost all of the art and programming in 2013.

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The Wall Will Fall

projects05I was a puppetmaster for the alternate reality game that ran in Fall/Winter 2012. I was the writer for two characters – Romeo and Gulliver. My job was maintaining an interactive blog for each of them, responding to comments made by the players and changing the characters’ arcs accordingly. I designed a few puzzles and interactions that players needed to work through to resolved those arcs.

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Screentone Shaders

projects04A set of real-time Unity3D surface shaders that mimic the style of Japanese black-and-white comics. The shaders generated the screentone effect in screen space based on a series of heavily customizeable parameters. 2015.

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