Elsinore—Out Now!

I’m super excited to announce that after six long years, my side project Elsinore is finally out!

Elsinore is an interactive re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet where you play as Ophelia, stuck in a Groundhog Day style time loop. Part hand-crafted story, part narrative simulation, Elsinore is a labor of love built over countless nights and weekends by our small indie team.


As the only technical artist on the team, I handled the entire art/animation pipeline and helped develop the game’s visual style. I built the rigs, animation graphs, shaders, and VFX, and even did a lot of the work on the environment art. I learned a ton working on this project and am extremely proud of the game we’re putting out there for you today.

If you have even a passing interest in narrative games or literature in general, please check it out! Elsinore is available on Steam and itch.io for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Goodbye Telltale

On my way back from the career fair on Thursday, I realized I would probably never come back here again, so I decided to take one last picture of the Telltale office from the parking lot.  It was a very warm day, the rays of sun creating an epic, almost game-like scene.  It felt surreal and oddly fitting.

It saddens me that the studio went out the way it did, but I gained a lot in the 2+ years I’ve been there.  I made some amazing friends, learned much more than I could have imagined, and I got to work on some incredible projects in the process.  So however this story ultimately ends, I’m stepping out of it on an optimistic note.

Here’s hoping that whatever adventure’s next will be even more amazing.