Writing Prompt – 03/09/17

One of my fondest Telltale memories was starting a writing club with some of my co-workers.  Every week or so, we’d all write short stories based on the same prompt and share them during lunch the following Tuesday.  I found this one from March 2017 on my drive, and I still like it a lot, so I thought I’d share.


A cracked bone floated up from the muddy pond OR “Warning, may cause SHC”

When they met for the first time, they were both twelve, though she would have lied and said she was fourteen, had he asked.  It was summer vacation, and his parents had dragged him to Grandma’s house in what seemed to be the land of tall grass and marsh.  He only ventured out when he ran out of notebook pages to doodle in, though there wasn’t much to look at besides mud and more mud. At the edge of a the largest muddy puddle, he found her holding a makeshift fishing rod – made from a stick and some string – over the cloudy liquid that passed for water.

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